In My Own Words

My name is Brian Lee. I am currently the User Experience Manager at Wolfram Research, Inc for our cloud and desktop products. I focus on our flagship product, Mathematica, and our new initiatives with Wolfram Cloud. I lead a team of UX designers in gathering requirements, performing user and product research, diagramming, prototyping, and brainstorming for many of our Wolfram products and features.

Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech
I received both my bachlor's and master's degree in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech. Since my undergraduate years, I have been gearing my passion towards the human factors aspect of engineering and design while I was learning to become a rocket scientist. I thoroughly enjoy examining the interaction between humans (the user) and the machine / program / product (the non-human counterpart). Our technology has been advancing so rapidly that their impact in the socio-economic and work context is scarcely known. My research in my graduate program related to how the changing environment of air travel impacts the National Airspace System as a whole - including air traffic controllers, airline dispatchers, pilots, and other stakeholders. I've worked with the Multi-Aircraft Control System (MACS) and FAA air traffic simulators.

Viewing the World Through Lens
Three, two, one, smile! My focus with photography is simply to capture snapshots of the beauty and wonders of this world. Whether they are everyday events, portraits of people, natural phenomenon, or other things that lure my eyes, I crave to preserve those images and share them with others. I am excited by the journeys ahead to photograph the dynamics of our planet.

I absolutely love problem-solving. Being able to dissect everything from simple to complex system to figure out how it works, identifying potential bottlenecks to its ecosystem, and coming up with potential solutions excite me. To me, problem-solving isn't just solving for "x" of an equation. It's looking far beyond than that. Who will use that equation and how? Where does "x" come from? What does this equation in this or that context and how does it relate to the other equation?

My passion also resides in being able to bring technology to the developing world to provide security, infrastructure, and education.

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Champaign, IL

User Experience Manager, Wolfram Research, Inc.

M.S. Aerospace Engineering (2011)
B.S. Aerospace Engineering (2009)

Engineering Specialization:
Air traffic control; Human factors; Systems engineering; Human-Computer Interaction; User-Centered Design; Work Analysis; Usability Testing; CAD

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Illustrator); Flash Builder; OmniGraffle; Axure; Microsoft Office; Autodesk 3ds Max; AutoCAD; Matlab; R; Mathematica

* Lee, B. Feigh, K.M., Evaluation of Alternative Waypoint and Flight Plan Conventions for NextGen En Route Operations. Air Traffic Control Quarterly, 2012
* Lee, B., Adapting Navigation and Flight Plan Conventions to NextGen's En Route Operations. Master's Thesis 2011
* Lee, B., Feigh, K.M., Lard, J., and Jones, P., En-Route Fuel Optimization Software User Interface Design, HCI-Aero 2010
* Lee, B., et el, Controller Clearance Broadcast System. FAA Airport Design Competition 2007